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GO - SPF  Process 

Gas Oscillation Forming Technology 

for Superplastic Blow Forming of 

Automotive and Aerospace panels

Enabling high-speed manufacturing of light weight metallic panels

Enabling manufacturing of complex geometrically shaped panels

The Power of Oscillation

Airplane Engine

Superplastic Forming Process (SPF)
Gas Oscillation Forming Technology

GO - SPF  Process

AEM Power Systems Inc was established in 2007 and provides R&D services, Engineering services, Consulting services, Industrial Heat Transfer Systems, and Gas Oscillation Forming Systems for Automotive and Aerospace industry.

AEM is developing world leading advanced manufacturing capability in the field of superplastic blow forming of various metallic alloy sheets into highly complex geometrically shaped panels through advancement of state-of-the-art disruptive innovative solutions involving CFD, FEA simulation-modelling, engineering, unique industrial heat transfer systems, and innovative gas oscillation forming technology to transform current superplastic blow forming process not changed in the past many decades to a significantly improved gas oscillated superplastic forming process (GO-SPF).

Since 2012, AEM has been continuously focused on research, development, and engineering of gas oscillation forming technology for GO-SPF process.  This unique and innovative technology involves the development of a Gas Oscillation Forming System that generates and transfers gas oscillations of various frequencies and amplitudes into a forming chamber of a superplastic forming tool. Gas oscillation forming system has no moving parts that can fail in high temperature environment and can significantly improve formability of light weight metallic sheets such as aluminium, magnesium, titanium, and other alloys when compared to traditional non oscillating gas filling method. Each generated gas oscillation deforms the material and subsequently allows for partial stress relief during the GO-SPF process which leads to improvement in material grain boundary sliding mechanism, faster forming speed, improved thickness uniformity, and longer elongation.



Intellectual Property

AEM has been granted patents in the USA, Canada, and Europe for the use of the supersonic fluidic oscillators in the superplastic forming process for blow forming of metallic alloy sheets such as:

  • Aluminium based alloys

  • Magnesium based alloys

  • Titanium based alloys 

  • Possibly Nickel based alloys

  • Possibly Intermetallics


Additional patent applications related to gas oscillation technology have been filed and are pending approval.  AEM's expanding IP portfolio will enable development of additional innovative Gas Oscillation Forming Systems for various applications in various industries.

Supersonic Fluidic Oscillator

SFO is a device that can produce a self-sustained, bi-stable gas oscillating flow at its output from a supplied steady inflow. This device is capable of superimposing large pressure fluctuations on the flow through a device without the necessity of having any moving parts. The lack of moving parts makes this device superior to conventional moving-part valves in high temperature and various frequency applications. SFO has considerable number of advantages, such as a wide range of operating frequencies and amplitudes, robustness to shock and vibration and fault-tolerance over a wide range of operating conditions. The absence of any moving components makes it virtually maintenance free. SFO comprises of multiple flow channels and volumes arranged in different sizes and geometrical shapes.  SFO can be engineered to achieve a bi-stable continuous oscillation output of desired amplitudes and frequencies for specific SPF tool and forming material.


Gas Oscillation Forming System

Each GO-FS is SPF tool and forming material specific.  GO-FS consists of specifically engineered and patented SFO, various sensors coupled with controls and driven by patented algorithm to achieve GO-SPF manufacturing process.  GO-FS is specifically engineered to target forming material higher than normal operating strain rates by subjecting the material to specific oscillation frequencies and amplitudes. Each generated oscillation at particular frequency and amplitude deforms the material and subsequently allows for partial stress relief of the material during the forming process.  

Benefits of forming parts with GO-FS during GO-SPF process:

  • Higher quality

  • Higher elongation

  • Reduce forming time

  • Thinner produced parts

  • Improved thickness uniformity

  • Manufacture more complex geometrical shapes

Pressure Curve.png

Heat Transfer Systems

AEM engineers and supplies unique Industrial Heat Transfer Systems and temperature controls for superplastic forming, rubber and composite industry.  Heat transfer systems are specifically designed for forming or molding tools to rapidly and efficiently generate heat and transfer heat energy by conduction, convection, or radiation with high degree of temperature uniformity across all tool molding or forming surfaces.    

Heat Transfer Systems Include:

  • Heat Transfer Analysis

  • Engineering & Electrical System Design

  • Heaters, Temperature Sensors, Junction Boxes

  • Temperature control panels

  • Installation and commissioning 




SPF Automotive

Automotive body panels include Doors, Fenders, Lift Gates, Roofs, Floor Panels

SPF Aerospace

Aerospace panels include various panels for aircraft engines and others 

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